The Moonshot initiative is hosted by Catalisti, Flanders’ spearhead cluster for the chemical and plastics industry. For general inquiries concerning the Moonshot initiative, please contact

Meet the Moonshot Team

For questions concerning the governance of the Moonshot initiative, please contact:
dr. sc. Jan Van Havenbergh
Managing Director Catalisti
+32 496 529 526

For questions concerning a specific MOT, please contact its representative:
dr. Isabelle Monnaie
MOT1 Biobased Chemistry
+32 471 506 833

dr. Wannes Libbrecht
MOT2 Circularity of Carbon in Materials
+32 499 315 604

dr. ing. Luc Van Ginneken
MOT3 Electrification and Radical Process Transformation
+32 477 979 947

dr. Jeroen van Walsem
MOT4 Energy Innovation
+32 497 731 175

For questions concerning the Moonshot context analysis/roadmap, please contact:
dr. ir. Linsey Garcia-Gonzalez
Catalyst Catalisti
+32 479 450 426

For administrative and other questions, please contact:
Merten De Kinderen
Communication & Management Assistant Catalisti
+32 475 58 32 72