Industrial Engagement in Moonshot

Companies across all industrial sectors are cordially invited to actively engage with Moonshot research, discover sustainable innovations from a front-row seat, and identify interesting business opportunities in an early stage. Sign a Letter of Intent to support projects that are of interest to your company and join us on the road towards a more sustainable Flemish industry!

Industry-driven research

To make sure Moonshot research at universities and knowledge institutes will lead to an actual reduction of industrial CO2 emissions, Moonshot actively involves companies in its operations through, amongst others, industrial Advisory Boards. During these meetings, the academic consortia behind Moonshot projects present the status of their research to interested companies and share relevant results obtained thus far. Meanwhile, participating companies have the opportunity to follow up on Moonshot projects from a front-row seat, guide the research towards maximal industrial relevance by providing industrial input, discover innovative technologies in an early stage, and identify business opportunities for the future. In short, it is a unique opportunity for companies to actively participate in the transition towards a more sustainable Flemish industry.

Letter of Intent

Each year, a new series of Moonshot project proposals is prepared. In order to receive approval and funding, the proposals have to show that the technology, process or product to be studied is of sufficient industrial interest and/or has industrial valorisation potential in Flanders.

To gauge whether this is the fact, companies are invited to already express their interest in the project proposals during the preparation phase. How? By filling out and signing a Letter of Intent (LOI). As part of the LOI, your company will be asked to describe how each project of interest fits into your company’s innovation roadmap, as well as how the project results could contribute to your company’s existing and future activities. This input will provide Moonshot’s knowledge partners with valuable information when writing the valorisation aspect of their project proposals.

Moonshot LOIs do not impose rigid obligations on your company. A subsequent Advisory Board Agreement (ABA) to be signed upon project start will allow your company to actively engage with the selected projects through participation in Advisory Board meetings. This participation is free of charge.

Please note that the ABA is being finalized at this very moment. It will be distributed to companies that already signed LOIs for previous Moonshot project series before the next round of Advisory Board meetings in the fall of 2021.

2021 Moonshot project proposals

Across all four Moonshot Research Trajectories (MOTs), a number of project proposals is currently being elaborated. Specifically, companies can sign an LOI for one or more of the following project proposals. Click the links to learn more.

MOT1 Biobased Chemistry
Acrylates from 2nd generation sugars: a powerful combination of fermentation, catalysis, and CO2 recycling

Bio-acrylates from biomass via polymeric 3-hydroxypropionic acid

Waste oil to long-chain dicarboxylic acids

Polymer additives from lignin building blocks II

MOT2 Circularity of Carbon in Materials
Chemical recycling of oxygenated polymer materials

Dynamic crosslinking chemistries for on-demand debondable adhesives

Circular use of step-growth end-of-life polymers for monomer/oligomer recovery and reuse II

MOT3 Electrification & Radical Process Transformation
“2 catalysts for CO2” – Dual catalysis approach for the carboxylation of aliphatic olefins using CO2 as the carbon source

Clusters for CO2 electrolysers to ethylene

Integrated CO2 capture and hydrogen production

Power to ammonium nitrate

Intensification of CO2 capture processes II

MOT4 Energy Innovation
Flexible 3D printed thermoelectric generators for energy harvesting

Low pressure reactive distillation to high pressure H2 from a sustainable LOHC system

Temperature enhanced electrolysis

Control algorithms for flexibility in power-to-X and industrial processes II

Artificial clathrates for safe storage, transport and delivery of hydrogen II

LOI templates

If your company wishes to be involved in one or more of the aforementioned projects, please download, fill out and sign the relevant LOI templates below, and send them to Merten De Kinderen ( by 1 June 2021 at the latest.

Please note that in the templates below, the projects have been bundled per Moonshot Research Trajectory (MOT). Project abstracts can be found on the final pages. Please indicate and select those projects that are of interest to your company. If your company is interested in projects across different MOTs, a separate LOI needs to be signed for each of those MOTs.

Next steps

All submitted LOIs will be added to the project files to strengthen the valorisation aspect of the project proposals and increase their chances of final approval. The proposals will be evaluated over the coming months in a multi-phase evaluation process. The final decision will be made in November 2021. This decision will of course be communicated to interested companies.

Approved projects will then take off as of 1 January 2022. The first industrial Advisory Board meetings for this series of projects will take place in the fall of 2022. The table below gives an overview of the Advisory Board timeline.


For more information about Moonshot’s industrial Advisory Boards or the Letter of Intent, please contact

For additional information about the MOTs or substantive questions about a particular project proposal, please contact the relevant MOT representative: