Moonshot: A Boost For Industry – 15 November 2022

We are pleased that the next Industrial Advisory Board “Moonshot: a Boost for Industry” will be a live full-day event on Tuesday 15 November 2022 at Mechelen (LAMOT).

What is the Moonshot Industrial Advisory Board about?

With Moonshot, the Flemish government aims high. Over the next 20 years, 20 million EUR yearly is giving a boost to basic research and roadmaps that are truly transformational. The goal is to lay out the path by 2040, so that energy-intensive industries can start implementing the processes or factories of the future as of 2024, based on the results of scaled-up Moonshot research, to make Flanders carbon circular and fossil-low in 2050.
The Moonshot Industrial Advisory Board is a biannual event. Attendees are industrial advisory board members (project users), consortia representatives (representatives of the expert centers who joined forces and where research is carried out), governance and government representatives, and representatives of the stakeholder consultation group. They will join for a full day of vital discussion. Vital, because it will adjust the course that was set along the way, in response to new insights and new contextual factors.

Who is to meet there?

Together, industrial advisory board members, consortia representatives and relevant stakeholders discuss the status of transformational research and roadmaps.

Program Details

Program details will follow soon.

Missed the Moonshot Advisory Board of November 2021?
Watch it here:


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This event is hosted by Catalisti in cooperation with Flux50 and VLAIO.