Hydrogen Panel Project

Project Goal

The HyPPr project seeks to prepare solar hydrogen technology for upscaling. This requires a production site and a living lab that serves as a proving ground for research on a panel and system level.

HyPPr is not a stand-alone project. Instead, it seeks to create the right circumstances for complementary research and development with external partners.

The production line will serve as a pilot installation that will help to design, improve and gradually scale up production methods. In a final phase, HyPPr seeks to manufacture a standardized product and reach a yearly production capacity of 5000 panels. When these conditions are met, demonstration projects can be launched on a relevant scale. As a first demonstration project within HyPPr, 100 hydrogen panels will be installed at TRANSfarm.

A hydrogen living lab will be set up with a dual purpose: demonstrating the compatibility of hydrogen panels with complementary technologies, and allowing third parties to demonstrate their own hydrogen technologies in a relevant setting.

Project Details

Project type: LSI in MOT4 Energy Innovation
Approved on: 20/12/2019
Start date: 01/01/2020 (with a maximum duration of 36 months)
Budget: €1.998.379