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Over the past four weeks, Moonshot organised a first series of industrial Advisory Boards. In these meetings, the academic consortia behind the first series of nine Moonshot projects presented preliminary research results to no less than 71 interested companies. These companies, in turn, provided the consortia with valuable input to steer their research towards maximal industrial relevance. This interactive process reflects the industry-driven approach of Moonshot and underlines the importance of cooperation in reaching the 2050 climate goals.

In March and April, Moonshot will host its first industrial Advisory Board meetings. In these meetings, the consortia behind the Moonshot projects will inform interested companies about the status of their research. Companies, on the other hand, will have the opportunity to provide feedback to steer the research. The aim? Achieving maximal industrial relevance for the Moonshot projects.

As of 1 March 2021, no less than 13 new Moonshot projects will start their research into technologies, processes and products that will help Flemish companies become more sustainable and significantly reduce their CO2 emissions by 2050. To fund the projects, the Flemish government has set aside over 19 million euro.

VLAIO, the Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, has approved 13 new Moonshot projects. This is the second series of projects to get approval since Moonshot took off in 2019. Within the projects, Flemish knowledge institutions will carry out industry-driven, strategic basic research that will help make Flemish industries carbon-circular and low in CO2 by 2050.

Carbon circular and low in CO2 by 2050: that's the challenge facing the energy-intensive industry in Flanders. To make this challenge concrete, an expert consortium led by Deloitte recently presented a roadmap study/context analysis that maps potential transition paths for the industrial climate transition.

The production of ammonia is one of the main sources of CO2 emissions. In the context of the Moonshot project P2C, researchers have now discovered an alternative, innovative and CO2-free production method.

Dankzij doorgedreven innovatie kon de chemie- en plasticssector haar CO2-uitstoot de afgelopen decennia al sterk terugbrengen. Moonshot geeft deze innovatiedrive een extra duwtje in de rug.

In June 2020, 18 Moonshot project proposals were submitted to VLAIO. Nearly 100 companies expressed broad industrial interest in these proposals by signing a Letter of Intent.

In February 2020, 38 Moonshot project ideas across all Moonshot Research Trajectories were submitted by Flemish universities and research institutes in the form of 2-pagers. In total, a budget of 51.7 mio EUR was requested for 27 sprint cSBOs and 11 regular cSBOs.

A new set of Moonshot projects is already taking shape. In 2020, both sprint cSBO and regular cSBO projects, focussing on priority themes, can be submitted.