Update: From 2-Pagers to Project Proposals

In February of this year, 38 Moonshot project ideas across all Moonshot Research Trajectories (MOTs) were submitted by Flemish universities and research institutes in the form of 2-pagers. In total, a budget of 51.7 mio EUR was requested for 27 sprint cSBO projects and 11 regular cSBOs.

After appreciation by the MOT core teams, advice by DB Catalisti (and Flux50 for MOT4) and a decision by BoD Catalisti (and again Flux50 for MOT4), only 19 project ideas remain, totaling a requested budget of 29.8 mio EUR (12 sprint cSBOs and 7 full cSBOs). These 19 project ideas are currently being elaborated into detailed project proposals to be submitted on 15 June 2020 for the final stages of evaluation.

Furthermore, a Moonshot context analysis/roadmap study is currently being conducted by Deloitte. Goal of this study is to identify the most important opportunities for Flemish research institutes and companies to develop the technological innovations necessary for a carbon-smart climate transition. The study is expected to conclude in July 2020.