Update: Priorities, Pools and 2-Pagers

Currently, a new set of Moonshot projects is already taking shape. In 2020, both sprint cSBO and regular cSBO projects, focussing on priority themes, can be submitted. These priority themes were formulated based on input from industrial partners. For each Moonshot Research Trajectory (MOT), broad pools of academics and other experts sat down together in early February to pitch possible project ideas. These ideas are now being translated into two-pagers. Deadline for submission of these two-pagers, through the respective MOT core teams, is 28 February 2020.

Missed this year’s submission opportunity? No problem! Project generation through the MOT pools guarantees an open discussion and inspiration forum for all relevant expertise. They can be your platform for pitching a new Moonshot-relevant topic or idea for next year’s submission. Contact moonshot@catalisti.be if you wish to be included in the pool of a specific MOT.