Project Procedure

Every Moonshot project starts from a particular project idea. This idea first has to become a full project proposal before it can be evaluated, approved and subsidized. Project ideas need to fit within one of the available Moonshot project types.

Project Ideas

Starting from the overall Moonshot targets, the input from the context analysis/roadmap study and the KPIs of each MOT, project ideas are scrutinized within a MOT pool. The idea’s competencies, pathways, valorisation opportunities and contributions to Moonshot and the MOT KPIs are discussed. A consortium of at least 3 research groups from at least 2 knowledge institutes is set up around the project idea.

This consortium writes a two-pager on the basis of a template (Word format). The two-pager captures the research goal and the way in which this goal is to be achieved (high level work package description). It describes the proposed consortium and the impact of the proposed research on the overall Moonshot targets and the MOT KPIs. A mandatory pre-registration of all two-pagers is in effect with deadline 25 January 2021. In first instance, all 2-pagers will be reviewed by the MOT core team and Moonshot operational team, and in a next phase discussed within the MOT pool. At this stage, the MOT core team, and in extension the MOT pool, does not have decisive influence, but can be supportive in the elaboration of the two-pager and, in consensus, can provide accompanying advice. This feedback is an opportunity for the consortia to improve the two-pager before final submission on 1 March 2021.

The two-pager is then submitted to the relevant MOT core team for review. The MOT core team formulates an appreciation, which is passed on to the Board of Directors of Catalisti – and to the Board of Directors of Flux50 in case of energy-related project ideas (MOT4). The Boards of Director then selects promising project ideas based on their technological and economic relevance.

Project Proposals

Project ideas selected by the Catalisti and/or Flux50 Board of Directors are further developed into a full project proposal. The Catalisti operational team supports the consortium in implementing the suggestions formulated by the respective Board of Directors and helps the applicants with the elaboration of the two-pager into a full project proposal. Then, the Catalisti operational team submits the full project proposal to VLAIO, which checks its admissibility and starts the evaluation procedure.


Finally, the project proposal passes through a series of evaluation stages before it can be subsidised and started.