Context Analysis/Roadmap Study

Currently, a context analysis/roadmap study is being conducted within Moonshot. Goal of this study is to identify the most important opportunities for Flemish research institutes and companies to develop the technological innovations necessary for a carbon-smart climate transition.


First, this study will map the current Flemish industrial landscape. This mapping will act as the starting point for the development of an industrial roadmap, an evaluation of the different MOTs, and the formulation of policy recommendations. Secondly, an industrial roadmap with potential transition pathways and preconditions will be formulated, indicating how technological innovations can support the carbon-smart climate transition in Flanders. Third, each Moonshot Research Trajectory (MOT) will be exhaustively evaluated in the context of the roadmap. If required, this study will adjust and/or complement the existing MOTs. Finally, a policy framework will be proposed to enable a carbon-smart climate transition.

During all phases, special attention will be given to the Flemish chemical, petrochemical (refining) and steel industries. The food and paper industry will be analysed too, be it in a more generic way. The energy sector will be studied with respect to innovative technologies supporting the other sectors.

A Facilitating Transition Framework

Transversally to all phases, a facilitating transition framework will be developed. This transition framework will help Flemish industries to focus on innovations that accelerate the development of technologies, knowledge and infrastructure and that grant Flemish industries a competitive advantage as well as additional opportunities.


The context analysis/roadmap study was commissioned by VLAIO, with research being conducted by Deloitte, Vrije Universiteit Brussel – Institute of European Studies (VUB-IES), Antwerp Management School and Climact. Additionally, the Wuppertal Institute will take on an active advising role and add independent international expertise.

During the study, experts and stakeholders from industries, sector federations, knowledge institutes and governments will be consulted to achieve maximal support for its findings. This study will not impose targets on any of these partners.


The study is expected to conclude in July 2020.


For questions concerning the context analysis/roadmap study, please contact:

dr. ir. Linsey Garcia-Gonzalez
Catalyst Catalisti
+32 479 450 426