Project Types

Within Moonshot, two different types of projects exist: Strategic Basic Research for clusters (cSBO) projects and Later Stage Innovation (LSI) projects.

For 2022, the Moonshot Governance Board (MGB) has decided to follow the advice of the Scientific Advisory Board (WAR) and channel the project generation via full cSBOs. LSI projects and so-called sprint cSBOs can be made available in exceptional circumstances. For more information about the available project types, see below or contact or the relevant MOT representative.

cSBO Projects

Strategic Basic Research for clusters (cSBO) projects involve innovative research that is unique with regards to the state-of-the-art, has a clear differentiating factor, and tests disruptive ideas at low TRL levels. There are two kinds of cSBO projects: sprint and full cSBOs. Learn more

LSI Projects

Later Stage Innovation (LSI) projects aim to further support and accelerate research that has already proven its feasibility at low TRL. Learn more