Moonshot Advisory Board

The Moonshot Advisory Board event “Moonshot: A boost for industry”, was planned to take place as a full-day live event on Thursday 25 November 2021. The Moonshot Advisory Board is an important moment to take note of the valuable results of the basic research projects started since 2020 that should help to achieve the climate goals through unique and disruptive innovation concepts.

Unfortunately, due to the poor evolution of the Corona figures, the organizing committee did not consider it responsible to allow the event to take place at the end of November and it was decided to be postponed to the first quarter of next year. More information will follow shortly!

In order not to lose the momentum, a short virtual Moonshot Advisory Board Update was livestreamed in the morning of 25 November, focusing on the ambitions and the next steps, and with contributions of Minister Crevits, Moonshot Governance Board President Wouter De Geest and Moonshot project highlights.

The Moonshot team is looking forward to hosting all Moonshot Advisory Board members during the postponed event which will take place 9 March 2022, for interesting presentations of (preliminary) project results across all four thematic Moonshot Research Trajectories (MOTs), as well as valuable networking opportunities with researchers and other companies.